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Hi, I’m Sourajit Saha, An Online Marketer & Professional Blogger From Kolkata, India.

I Have Been Blogging Since Last Quarter Of 2010. 

I Started Blogging As Hobby, Soon It Turned Into Passion And Later Profession.

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I write most about android, check here one sample piece of article. 

Hope you will like this. And here is how I use Google everyday. 

My most favourite article is- how to snapchat streak back

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Flipkart's Biggest Online Sale- 'Big Billion Day' : 3 Important Takeaways

Posted by Sourajit Saha 6 Comments
Flipkart and Snapdeal received large response on the weekday mega on-line sale. However, not everything went as per arrange. Out of stock things and random errors and crashes discontinuous the searching expertise. we have a tendency to write 3 necessary lessons from the weekday mega sale.

E-commerce sites Flipkart and Snapdeal saw fantastic response to their mega on-line sales on weekday. whereas Snapdeal claims to possess witnessed sales of over Rs. one large integer per minute, Flipkart says it achieved its 24 hour sales target of $100 mn in GMV (Gross merchandise volume) in only 10 hours.

Even as we have a tendency to discussion attainable dominance of e-commerce over the normal brick and mortar stores, the huge sales figures clearly indicate the appearance of explosive growth within the e-commerce sector in Asian nation. That said, Monday's on-line mega sale wasn't while not an oversized variety of client complaints. Customers were irked by random web site crashes associate degreed deals dissapearing in a blink of an eye.

While it wouldn't be fair to draw a comparison between the Monday mega sale and therefore the insanely popular Black Friday sales/deals within the US, the sale was undoubtedly a step towards fuelling and boosting the net retail sector in Asian nation. Here area unit 3 necessary takeaways from Monday's mega on-line sale:

E-commerce goes massive

As same on top of, it's been wide debated however the e-commerce phase and ancient stores can co-exist within the close to future. With many smartphone brands going online-exclusive and managing vast sales figures, the e-commerce phase has fully grown stronger in Asian nation. On Monday, Flipkart and Snapdeal each saw an exceptional response. apparently, the competition between the 2 ( we have a tendency to hope Amazon to affix the race as well) has helped provide a lot of choices to users.

Flipkart founders, Sachin Bansal associate degreed Binny Bansal same in an offical press release- “With a spread of exciting offers on quality merchandise at troubled costs obtainable throughout the sale amount, we've got created history in Indian e-commerce. Our technology team has been dedicated towards addressing errors and providing constant support to accommodate the biggest scale of traffic and client visits e-commerce has witnessed across the country. Our groups and sellers worked days and nights to create this sale successful – and our efforts paid off. we have a tendency to got a billion hits on our web site these days and achieved our twenty four hour sales target of $100 mn in GMV in only ten hours.”

Here's what Kunal Bahl, Co-founder and CEO said: “Snapdeal had a record breaking day of sales on October 6, 2014. We witnessed sales of over a crore rupees a second, with lakhs of products being sold in an exceedingly single day. we have a tendency to were trending throughout the day on Twitter and therefore the App Stores, receiving fantastic regeneration from customers. Over 1,000,000 Snapdeal apps were downloaded in sooner or later.”

Taking a dig at Flipkart's massive marketing campaign for Monday sale, he added: “The best half of the day: we have a tendency to did not very pay abundant to bring customers to Snapdeal. we have a tendency to promise to deliver nice price on nice choice of merchandise daily to any or all our new and existing customers which is that the straightforward direction that continues to figure for U.S..”

"If Flipkart witnessed a record 600 large integer sale it's a a sign that individuals were happy with no cancellation policy.With the massive billion day deals active just for restricted time, if cancellations were enabled around half-hour individuals would purchase instantly, solely to cancel later. numerous users would miss out on deals because of early stock outs," points out adult male Mehul Jobanputra- CEO and founding father of

Mega discounts: simply a gimmick?

In our previous analysis of the Flipkart Big Billion day sale, we discovered mant discrapancies in prices (discounts being offered on inflated prices). Flipkart was criticized for offering discounts on MRP. Items, particularly the ones with hefty discounts, went out of stock in the blink of associate degree eye, solely to any gall customers. As detected by TOI, many customers took to the social media to form hashtags like #Flopkart.

“I tried to shop for many things. solely few I may end getting. Out of these those with most discounts have SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED from my order history. I conjointly cannot see any of my older orders! however convenient for you. currently you'll be able to sell no matter things you off from my orders at higher costs tomorrow, right?,” says a touch upon our official Facebook page.

From @Flipkart to #FlopKart. vastly unsatisfying #bigbillionday or regardless of the euphemism it absolutely was they spent such a lot advertising.
— Dr Pranab Chatterjee (@scepticemia) October seven, 2014

Among the #BigBillionDay billion things oversubscribed by @flipkart,one of them sure as shooting was their credibility! #Flopkart
— Ruben Mascarenhas (@rubenmasc) October seven, 2014

Mr. Ashish Jhalani, Founder eTailing Asian nation elaborates on the issue: “There were undoubtedly some glitches within the execution of the sales. Some were unintended and a few were simply not being ready. value criticism was one such wherever the sites have claimed that it absolutely was unintended and not done to misguide the client.”

Better preparation required!

E-commerce sites ought to improve their technology infrasturcutre to cope up with the surge in traffic during such mega sales. The popular and infamous Xiaomi flash sales also saw users comparing Flipkart bookings with IRCTC's ticket bookings. we have a tendency to expect Flipkart to be higher ready within the future.

“The sites crashed as a result of the package and hardware infrastructure was not ready to scale to the unforeseen spike. Similar issue came towards merchandise wherever plenty of the merchandise were oversubscribed out from virtually the beginning of the sale. BUT this was realistically the first time any player tried to create such demand in a single day and were successful at it. the problems moon-faced area unit growing pains for a really emerging business,” adds Mr. Ashish Jhalani.

How was your expertise with weekday mega sale? What area unit the different things you liked/disliked concerning the sale? Let U.S. apprehend your views in the comments section below.
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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Top 20 Must follow SEO Tips To Start A Website/blog

Posted by Sourajit Saha 9 Comments
Thinking to launch an internet start-up business, perhaps, and you thought of creating that business from a plan you simply thought of over the shower and currently it’s returning true.

Fast-forward, you thought of making a selling strategy to create your business the TTT (talk-of-the-town). the web is one in every of the simplest ways that stumbled on your mind and eventually you launching a website?

Launching a web site isn't straightforward. Well, for a few affirmative it's, as long as you've got enough cash to launch web site and have enough time to consider techniques on a way to promote your business through that fresh launched web site.

However, doing thus doesn't finish there. you've got to stay up. And learn a lot of different things to create the web site last, similar to however anyone deals with a start-up relationship. This time, you're having a start-up relationship together with your web site.

Or on another note, if you're addressing a client’s web site}} and will be accountable in observation their site since some purchasers don't extremely understand abundant concerning observation their own site, then much there square measure ways that on a way to improve that.

Here square measure twenty Tips for web site Launch. square measure YOU READY?

1. Continue writing

Of course, writing makes the website’s essence a lot of pregnant. And by writing relevant articles, you can't solely increase your infectious agent potential however obtaining the prospect of being one is high. particularly if what you've got been writing square measure extremely smart and square measure choked with data. you'll write on something that you just assume contributes to the interests of your readers and your potential purchasers. paronomasia is additionally sensible thus you've got to stay that up.

2. Update your web site style

When your web site has already been up and running, there would be times after you are going to be asking yourself what you'll improve concerning it. And with relation to your web site style, you may reckon of change the planning of your web site, betting on the feedback that you just are becoming from your users. you may be thinking of tweaking some options or adding some widgets in it. however, don't do it. Navigation and readability-wise, rising your website’s style may be useful not just for you however additionally for your readers.

3. Internet Analytics

This should not be taken as a right. it's as vital because the fuel that you just use for your automobile to create it work. internet chase softwares square measure a great deal useful as analytics tool that gives a measuring of the selling techniques that best drives traffic or what pages drive sales or campaign goals to your web site. Google analytics is one in every of the simplest internet analytic tools on the market to immerse information sets and visualizations providing at zero price. It additionally depends upon the comfort of your information analysis, and so you'd need to rent consultants that you just entrust your information with.

4. SEO

The program improvement craze can ne'er get it wrong for you and your website’s progress. It incorporates many various internet ways that aim to grow web site traffic, guarantee a web site is crawlable by programs and improve search engine placement—to name a couple of. create it additionally to a degree to grasp if your web site is being listed in on-line business directories to create the work easier.

5. Email selling

E-mails square measure a great deal personal. And if you employ this technique to create your web site a lot of noticeable, it'd not hurt if you'd share this news to your friends, purchasers and every one those business connections you've got met at networking events over the years concerning your new web site. it's a good reach particularly if the audience, the message and therefore the style square measure right. Encourage your recipients to go to the web site, and to share it with others whom they factor may notice your product or your services valuable.

6. Blogging

Telling a story behind your organization and the way you guys have puzzled out on the business and lead you to making a web site to ceaselessly promote your merchandise and/or services. create it fascinating during a manner that your readers wouldn't stop from reading it all throughout. you'll be {able to} additionally share your interests during a manner that they'll be engaged and can be able to act with you.

7. Subscriptions

This is a method wherever you may offer your readers a do-not-miss-every-post outline of entries from your web site. this is able to keep them up to this point together with your posts and would facilitate them track your entries that square measure relevant to them.

8. Social Media

The social media could be a terribly effective tool as a result of this don't solely offer updates to your readers, however also will offer them a gist that you just square measure creating a awfully sensible on-line presence, which might mean that you just may be sure which you're a awfully keen with giving such a lot data to them. you'll additionally use the social media like Twitter and Facebook to market your web site.

9. Whole material update

This would mean ensuring that each one applicable whole materials and on-line platforms endure a radical update so as to best cash in of the energy encompassing the launch of your new web site. By taking into thought that from your web site universal resource locator in your email to company social media profile would mean being up-to-date.

10. Google AdWords

Perhaps you'll some paid search text and show ads to urge traffic instantly. By choosing relevant keywords and ensuring that your landing page from every ad cluster has relevancy to the keyword in every campaign. In Google AdWords, you pay per click if you pay per result. I have created few ad campaigns for my blog and the result is pretty good.

11. Reach out with existing network

Nothing beats the word of mouth. you'll continuously reach bent your networks if you wished to possess your web site detected. Again, email is additionally necessary.

12. Treat blogs and add universal resource locator

Commenting on blogs is additionally an honest plan. you'll embrace the universal resource locator of your web site to administer a lot of reference. simply certify that you just do it genuinely and while not forcing anyone.

13. Guest post on different blogs

Guest posting is associate previous trick that keeps on increasing to currently. this is often an honest plan to amass a lot of hits and follows however tributary articles to different blogs and requesting links back to your website.

14. PR agent (if has budget)

If you've got enough budgets, you'll favor to rent a PR agent to assist you get media attention.

15. Contact key influencers

Bloggers, social media superstars and businesses with giant e-mail information will assist you increase your shares. If you happen to possess celebrity friends and other people whom you think that will assist you increase your web site presence, you'll raise them to incorporate your web site in their content. this could carry a price however every person and business are going to be ready to tell you the small print of operating along.

16. Keyword friendly

Of course, SEO could be a terribly useful technique to extend web site hits and shares. Build an inventory of keywords that you just will target and utilize Google Adwords keyword planner to check that keywords gets ample traffic. programing posts may also facilitate to possess regular printed articles throughout the week.

17. Rent ghost

Oftentimes, this will be done particularly if you're too busy to write down frequently to your journal. a way to possess that consistent post is to rent a ghost.

18. Analysis relevant topics

This is a great deal of a awfully common one. By researching relevant topics would mean having a pool of enough topics to be delivered during a week or say, for a month. With this, you'd not have the issue of searching for a lot of topics to write down concerning as a result of you've got enough resources with you.

19. Add fascinating contents (photos, videos)

Photos and videos augment what makes an honest content. you'll introduce videos that you just assume would relate to what you're writing concerning, or simply as a relevancy create the entry a lot of fascinating.

20. Implement associate in progress content set up

Create a content calendar to assist keep before updates: banners, journal posts and a lot of articles to possess you hunt down what was already written or what content ought to be updated.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Will Apple Replace Your Bent iPhone 6 Plus? Let's Check it!

Posted by Sourajit Saha
Apple has saw a brand new arguing once complaints from iPhone vi and house owners that their phones bend, particularly once being unbroken in an exceedingly pocket for hours on finish. however can Apple replace such a bent phone, or is that the client cursed with it?

A newsperson from ensuing internet stricken up a talk with associate Apple support rep to raise if a bent iPhone is roofed by Apple’s pledge, consistent with a story printed on Wednesday. The question merely phrased was: “So will a bent enclosure occurring throughout traditional use match beneath the warranty?”

In response, the support rep offered the subsequent information:

“That is one hundred pc up to the Genius you speak with at the shop. there's a take a look at referred to as a visible Mechanical examination that the device can have to be compelled to pass. If it's among the rules, they're going to be able to cowl it. If not, the replacement would be a paid one.”
Pressed for additional details on the Genius Bar pointers, the support rep told TNW that this info was out of stock to people who handle chat support. however simply what's this Visual Mechanical Inspection?

A Web hunt for this item turned up a Scribd document referred to as “iPhone Visual/Mechanical examination Guide” courtesy of web log web site iClarified. Dated Gregorian calendar month nine, 2012, the document was apparently discovered and leaked by familiar Apple informant laddie Dickson.

As represented on its second page, the document is double-geared toward Apple support and repair personnel to assist them verify whether or not a defective device is roofed beneath pledge. Since the document dates back to 2012, there’s clearly no specific mention of bends occurring in associate iPhone vi. The document itself has actually been updated since then, however the 2012 document will supply a minimum of a few of clues, notably this:

“The iPhone pledge covers failures caused alone by producing defects” and “Catastrophic harm caused by abuse and ability caused by installation of unauthorized package isn't serviceable.”

Based on those 2 points, Apple would have to be compelled to verify that the questionable Bendgate issue — reports that the dilutant atomic number 13 bodies of the iPhone vi and iPhone vi and ar at risk of bending — is caused by a producing defect which keeping a phone in your pocket for many hours isn't a style of abuse. If those determinations ar created, then it looks that the bent iPhones ought to be coated beneath pledge and thus subject to replacement or alternative support by Apple.

The support rep UN agency chatted with TNW additionally indicated that the difficulty is being heavily investigated at Apple, oral communication specifically that “we’re wanting into this with associate insane quantity of detail.”

Though the five.5-inch iPhone vi and, and to a lesser extend the iPhone vi, ar the target of current attention on the bend issue, alternative phones seem to be subject to similar flaws. associate recent thread in Apple’s support forum points to bends according within the iPhone five and 5s. A story denote on weekday by CultofMac additionally cited older iPhones further as Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry and alternative phones as at risk of bending beneath bound conditions — some extreme and a few not too extreme.

Until Apple can work out some way to handle the Bendgate crisis, iPhone half-dozen and half-dozen and homeowners ought to house their phone in an exceedingly secure and sturdy case to safeguard it from any bending, particularly if unbroken in your pocket for unnumberable hours.
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Screens Test: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted by Sourajit Saha 8 Comments

Aside from each other, the most competition for Apple’s iPhone half dozen and half dozen and comes from Samsung’s line of Galaxies, the Galaxy S5 and also the forthcoming Note four. On paper, the screens within the 2 companies’ phones square measure one in all the most important variations. Apple uses Associate in Nursing alphanumeric display screen whereas Samsung depends on OLED technology, and Samsung offers higher resolution and slightly larger sizes.

But that one is better?

In the tradition of our previous screens tests we have a tendency to embarked on to answer that terribly question. we have a tendency to used a mix of objective measurements courtesy of identical costly check gear we have a tendency to use to judge and calibrate HDTVs, and subjective observations courtesy of our invaluable, skilled eyes.

As usual every screen has explicit strengths and weaknesses, however to our minds the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the simplest screen — albeit by a nose.Indeed, its conclusion over the iPhones was thus slim that it'd be powerful several} users to visualize many of the variations in every day usage.

All four phones we have a tendency to tested — we have a tendency to threw within the 5s permanently live, and that we have nevertheless to receive a Note four for review — have wonderful screens. In fact, despite victimization totally different school, sizes, and resolutions, their screens square measure thus shut, they pale in thought next to variations like scheme, battery life, and overall style.

The iPhones square measure brighter and slightly a lot of color-accurate, however the Galaxy is lots bright and correct enough in its claim. Resolution and picture element density, despite ostensible sort of a massive Galaxy advantage, is nice enough on all four to be primarily moot. the most important visual advantage the Samsung brings in reality is distinction, because of the proper black levels of its OLED screen. very much like it's with TVs, that advantage is enough to form it the best-looking phone screen we’ve tested nevertheless, and slightly higher than the iPhones half dozen and half dozen and.

Editors’ Note:On the chart higher than, higher numbers square measure higher for 100% white and distinction quantitative relation. Lower numbers square measure higher for zero p.c black, grayscale, and color/hue errors. the sunshine output (white and black) numbers square measure in nits (cd/m2); the distinction quantitative relation calculated from those, and also the error figures square measure Delta E 2000 per the Calman five software package we have a tendency to used for this analysis.

Like most phones, the iPhones don’t enable you to form changes to the screen quality on the far side disabling the space lighting device and tweaking brightness. The Galaxy S5, in true Samsung tradition, could be a totally different story. it's 2 totally different further settings that dramatically have an effect on the image on the screen.

The first is Screen mode, found within the Settings menu underneath show. There you'll choose from Adapt show, Dynamic, Standard, skilled image, or Movie. we have a tendency to measured all of them, and picture delivered the foremost correct color for many content.

The second is termed “Auto alter screen tone” (AAST), found at rock bottom of the show menu, and it’s enabled by default. Uncheck it and phone lightweight output will increase slightly, from 301 to 352, rising its distinction quantitative relation and its ability to vie with close lightweight.

Checking the “automatic brightness” box on the S5 allows it to urge even brighter in high ambient-light things, like direct daylight. we have a tendency to didn’t live this mode, however the S5’s screen performed extraordinarily well underneath the sun.

For every phone higher than we have a tendency to disabled automatic brightness and maximized lightweight output, that delivered most distinction. For the S5, we have a tendency to turned on picture mode and uncurbed AAST.

Brightness, black level, and distinction

Look at the chart higher than and some numbers stand out: “0% black” and “contrast ratio” in Samsung’s column, each of that need Associate in Nursing astounding variety of serious digits to precise. The OLED screen of the S5 is infinitely black. The 0.0007 nits I measured is unbelievably low, and that i have Associate in Nursing unbelievably precise instrument (pictured above), however nevertheless i believe it'd be lower if not for stray lightweight.

With a black check pattern the screen of the S5 was primarily invisible to the eye; identical pattern on the iPhones was a lot of brighter. The distinction was less obvious, though still visible, underneath traditional lighting once gazing material with black and near-black sections.

Contrast quantitative relation is that the distinction between the brightest image a show will produce and also the darkest, and it’s thought-about the foremost vital facet of theater image quality. It’s additionally nice to own on a phone. consistent with our measurements, the S5 fully trounced the distinction quantitative relation of the iPhones, with a distinction quantitative relation over 325 times higher.

Of course, with text, regular photos, and video, the visible distinction isn’t nearly as nice as that variety implies. we have a tendency to compared Associate in Nursing array of check photos (courtesy of CNET’s Lori Grunin) on the phones’ screens aspect by aspect victimization Associate in Nursing arrangement similar to the one with the flowers higher than, and also the image below showed the Samsung’s distinction advantage most pronto.

Not solely did the black and shadowy areas seem darker, however the highlights looked brighter, giving the entire image a lot of pop and life. Moving the phones to a darker space hyperbolic the Samsung’s advantage additional. we have a tendency to noted that from time to time the iPhone screens gave the impression to have a form of gray blur black areas, particularly the iPhone 5s, compared with the purer black of the Galaxy S5. meantime we have a tendency to additionally noticed a small off-angle haze from time to time on the new iPhones, that can be from the new sunglass- and direct sunlight-friendly polarizing filters.

In the past we’ve focussed quite bit on the brightness advantage of alphanumeric display, and in our comparison the iPhone half dozen did so live concerning sixty p.c brighter than the Galaxy S5. however the Samsung was still lots bright, and also the “100% white” variety higher than doesn’t tell the entire story.

In addition to the “auto brightness” boost in daylight we have a tendency to delineate higher than, the sunshine output of the OLED screen hyperbolic after we measured a smaller white space. The 352 nits for a full white screen hyperbolic to 418 nits for a white window pattern occupying twenty five p.c of the screen, and 469 for one occupying a pair of p.c.

In alternative words, the larger the quantity of white or bright material is on-screen promptly, just like the white background of a text-heavy web site or app — just like the big apple Times or Kindle with a white backcloth — the rheostat the OLED screen arrived comparison to the iPhones’ alphanumeric display screens (which didn’t amendment lightweight output betting on content). except for mixed-brightness material, like full-screen photos or video or webpages and apps comprised mostly of such content (such as Instagram or Facebook), the iPhones’ light output advantage dwindled.

Color accuracy

By the numbers, the iPhones beat the Samsung during this space, coming back nearer to the Rec. 709/sRGB target color points in our measurements. As you'll see from the comparison below, wherever the circles round the edges represent the mensuration and also the white squares the target, the iPhone’s inexperienced and cyan above all were higher than the Galaxy S5 in its most-accurate mode.

In case you’re questioning, the colour on the 3 iPhones was terribly similar, above all the iPhone half dozen and half dozen and. the most space wherever they differed was in their grayscale, or color of grey. The half dozen and half dozen and were just about identical and really near the D65 normal, if a trifle on the blue aspect. The 5s was bluer still and also the worst overall for grayscale error, however still not terrible by any means that. It still outdid grayscale on the HTC One, as an example.

For its half, the Samsung showed a awfully smart grayscale, with a small reddish/greenish tinge in Cinema and professional image modes, and a trifle a lot of bluish/greenish in normal and Dynamic. the opposite 3 modes were less correct than Cinema for touch Rec 709/SRGB color points, with the quality and Dynamic pretty considerably oversaturated, and professional image coming back near the broader Adobe RGB color points. It’s value mentioning that if your tastes favor a lot of saturated, richer, less correct colours, the Samsung’s selection of modes could be a distinct advantage over the iPhones.

But color is concerning over measurements, thus we have a tendency to turned once more to check photos to match the phones. Black and white pictures illustrated the grayscale variations well, with the S5 tending a trifle toward inexperienced and also the iPhones, above all the 5s, toward blue. the 2 iPhone half dozen screens looked the simplest aspect by aspect.

Skin tones were technically a lot of correct on the iPhones, however the S5 looked superb too, and one observer subjectively picked it because the better of the four.

We additionally confirmed extremely saturated pictures, like the flowers at the highest of the page, and also the iPhones once more looked a trifle higher, with a deeper red compared to the terribly slightly orangish-red of the S5. Again, all four phones were wonderful, and also the variations would be powerful to identify while not direct, side-by-side comparisons.

Screen size and determination

When it involves phone screens, picture element count will matter, however not the maximum amount because the numbers appear to point. As a refresher, here’s however the four gather.

The extra pixels per in. on the Galaxy S5 — 1080p on a smaller screen versus the larger-screened iPhone half dozen and — don’t actually matter unless you’re looking at text delayed to your eyes or do unbelievably targeted edits on images. Screen resolution hits a wall when a jiffy, and Apple’s wager 326 pixels per in. being adequate for many folks on the iPhone half dozen is true for U.S.A. likewise. On smaller screens, you don’t really want rather more. although having true 1080p could be a nice non secular goal for video playback, it’s seriously arduous to understand.

Looking closely at tiny text and fine details on all the phones, variations very well were primarily nonexistent. The scaling was excellent on each phone, rendering the perimeters of text swimmingly even at most zoom-out, and solely by holding the phones uncomfortably shut we have a tendency tore we able to fathom picture element structure. Details in photos, just like the advanced image below, were equally sharp on each phone.

The biggest subjective distinction was in sheer size. Photos and video on the larger screen had a lot of impact after we compared the phones aspect by aspect, and also the freedom to size text to larger sizes a lot of well was a pleasant advantage of the larger screens. That said, the S5 and iPhone half dozen felt terribly progress size, and once more the Samsung didn’t have a huge advantage over its non-Plus challenger.


As invariably it comes all the way down to personal preference. Some viewers would possibly just like the S5’s epic distinction or the power to “pick your color” with its screen modes, whereas others could extremely price the simplicity Associate in Nursingd slightly higher color accuracy of an iPhone.

That said, we predict the Samsung has the superior show for many viewing things and content. Apps and websites progressively favor colourful pictures over black-and-white text, and in several pictures the screen of the S5 truly looked brighter than that of the iPhones because of its pop and distinction. The S5 additionally lost little or no in high close lightweight and outdoors.

Meanwhile the iPhone half dozen and half dozen and were nearly the image of one another in performance and square measure excellent tiny screens in their claim. we have a tendency to doubt too several users are going to be grumbling concerning their image quality. The new iPhone displays even have higher distinction ratios and higher color than the older iPhone 5s, however it’s a refined distinction.

In everyday use, characteristic between the IPS tissue layer displays of the iPhones and also the Galaxy S5’s Super AMOLED is hard unless you've got the phones next to every alternative. The iPhones have wonderful displays with nice color and lots of brightness, however as a result of they’re not OLED they merely won’t come in most lighting things with identical vivid distinction Samsung’s show has. The iPhones have nice displays. It’s merely that Samsung’s S5 screen is, for many use cases, a trifle higher.

Finally, it bears repetition that we have a tendency to contemplate screen quality less significant than varied alternative factors, like telephone style, size, brand, carrier, software, and scheme. It’s still vital enough to check tho', particularly in dear flagship phones we have a tendency to use to consume amusement of every kind.
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